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1. 急需一篇介绍自己卧室的英语作文 I have a lovely bedroom. there is a bed in my bedroom. there is a desk near my bed. there is a pink doll on my bed. I sleep with it every night. there is a big window in my bedroom. the yellow lamp is on my desk .Every evening, I do my homework under the lamp. I have a big shelf in my bedroom. there are many books on the shelf. I like reading very much. Do you like reading? You can borrow the books from me if you like?

My bedroom is so nice. I like it。

2. 帮我写一篇介绍自己卧室的英语作文 My name’s Cao Yi.I’m fromSichuang China;t like math .It’.It was time to go home.I was tired but very happyMy room

Open thedoor,oh.It’s very dreamily color.the dresseris next to the bed.There are some books and a pen on the dresser.

I likewatching TV.The TV is before the bed.E.Then I went to a big restaurant for lunch,my favorite subjekt isP.I have a pen pal from Rongxian.Her nameis Cao jiun.We have the same age13years old.Inschool,I went to the DinosaurMuseum It was great.I had great fun play in water.But I don’.I an lie to watch TV on the bed.

This is myroom.Do you like my room?What about your room.And the puteris near the window.I often play the piano. .I have apiano,I live in Changshan?It’s my room.

The bed isnear the window.a quilt and a doll is on the bed.After lunch Iwent to Green Beach It was beautiful?

Hi,everyone.It was sixo’.Now.What color is my bed?It’s my favourite color—purple;clerk,the room is very beautiful!Whose room is this;s boring.Last weekend.The piano is near the TV set.Sometimes,I play the piano

3. 请介绍一下自己的房间英语作文 I have a lovely bedroom. There is a bed in my bedroom. There is a desk near my bed. There is a pink doll on my bed. I sleep with it every night. There is a big window in my bedroom. The yellow lamp is on my desk .Every evening, I do my homework under the lamp. I have a big shelf in my bedroom. There are many books on the shelf. I like reading very much. Do you like reading? You can borrow the books from me if you like?。

4. 用英语写一篇介绍你卧室的作文.150字左右 My bedroom is about 10 square meters.It isn’t very big.but it is very nice.My bed is near the wall.On the bed there are many dolls.They are very cute.On the wall there are many cartoon pictures and a photo of my family.A bookcase is standing near the bed.In it there are many books.They are my favorite.When I am tired,I often read books to relax my self.My desk is beside the bookcase.The desk is very tidy.【参考译文】我的卧室大约有10平方米.虽然它不大,但是它很温馨.我的床靠墙.在床上有许多布娃娃,它们都很可爱.墙上有一些卡通漫画和一张全家福.书柜立在床的旁边,在书柜里有许多的书,它们都是我最喜欢的.当我累的时候,我常常读书来放松自己.书桌在书柜的旁边,书桌上很整洁.My BedroomI have a *** all but fortable and tidy bedroom.There are a single bed,a desk,a chair and a beoksheff in my bedroom.The bookshelf is near the window.I put all the books I love best and some classical music CDs on it.On the west wall there hangs a violin.It is my favorite.I usually play it to enjoy myself at my spare time.我有一间虽然不大但很舒适整洁的卧室.卧室里有一张小床,一个书桌,一把椅子和一个小书架.书架靠近窗户,上面放的是我最爱看的书和一些古典音乐光盘.西面的墙上挂着一把小提琴,那是我的最爱,闲暇时我总是拉小提琴自娱自乐.My Bedroom Hi ,My name is XXX,I have a nice room .Come and have a look .It’s *** all and nice .There is a big bed ,a *** all desk ,a shelf and a closet .The bed is near the desk .There is a shelf near the closet too .Many good books are in the shelf .I like the books very much .Oh ,yes ,There is a big board on the wall .I often write and draw pictures on the board .Oh ,My bedroom is too beautiful .I like it very much .Do you like my bedroom?Can you tell me about your beroom ,please 我的卧室 我的名字是XXX,我有个漂亮的房间.进来看看~它小巧而漂亮.这里有张大床,有个小课桌,一个书架和一个衣橱.床在课桌的附近,书架同样在衣架的附近.好多好书在书架上,我非常喜欢他们~哦,对了,这还有个板子在墙上,我经常在板子上写字画画~啊!我的我市真是很漂亮!我非常喜欢它.你喜欢我的卧室么?请你也给我讲讲你的卧室好吗?My BedroomLook,this is my bedroom.It’s not very big.But it’s beautiful and clean.In the middle of my bedroom,there is a bed.There is a teddy bear and some hair clips on it.Beside the bed,there is a desk.Its colour is brown.There are many things on the desk,some pens,a Walkman,a light and many stickers.Oh,there is a chair beside the desk,too.On the right of the desk,there is a bookcase.It’s big and tall.There are lots of books in the bookcase.They are ic books,exercise books,story books and copy books.Can you see o pictures on the wall?This one is a map of China,the other is a poster of SHE.Near the pictures,there is a clock,it’s my birthday present.It’s blue and white.It’s very beautiful.After class,I often do my homework and listen to music in the bedroom.There isn’t a TV in my bedroom.But I have many good friends.They are books.I like books very much and I like my bedroom.This Is My BedroomThis Is My BedroomThis is my bedroom.It’s clean and beautiful.There is a bed on the right.There is a pillow and a quilt on it.There is a big table near the bed.The closet is near the table.There are many clothes in the closet.The trash bin is behind the door.The mirror is under the air-conditioner.Do you like my bedroom?What’s your bedroom like?Can you tell me,please?这里面有很多篇.。

5. ,介绍我的卧室的英语作文 My bedroom is bright and tidy.I love it very much.The wall is all white.Above my bed on the wall is apicyure of mine.There is a table and a chair near the window.Under the table is a basketball.My tapes and books are on the bookshelf。

6. 写一篇介绍自己房间的英语作文 那我自己编咯 I have a every happiness family ! I’m the princess(prince) in my home,all of my families are very kind . They are so crazy about me ,i love them and i hope they are happy too .I don’t want to bring problems to them ,they are always tired after working th whole day ! SO, i’ll study hard to thank them。


我不想给他们带来麻烦,他们在工作一整天后总是很累!所以,我要努力学习来感谢他们。..Just like a box , my room is *** all but warm.This is the relaxing place for me .I like my room ,there’s a special desk for me,and my desk is tidy and clean. I can look outside through my windows,people go and e !When i’m boring ,i like to look trees and flowers out of my windows ,it’s really a good way to search for fun .Do you think so ?就像一个盒子,我的房间很小但很温暖。


我可以透过我的窗户向外看,人们过来又过去!当我无聊的时候,我喜欢看窗外的树和花,那真的是一个很好的寻找快乐的方法。你说呢?I live on the 7th Floor in the Tower Building,in the southern suburb in Xi’an. My house has a good Sunlight as it faces south. There are several furnitures in my house, which has a dimension of 4.5X3.5X2.5 meters appromixately. The bed lies on the southeast corner,adjacent to the round table. What on the table are always in disorder,including several stationeries, a radio and something eatable. Computer is right next to the TV,which is opposite to the bed,next to the round table. The floor is halved by parts of carpet and naked cement ground. 我住在7层的建筑,在南部塔在西安郊区。

我的房子有一个好的阳光就朝南。有几种家具在我的房子里,它有一个维度的4.5X3.5X2.5 appromixately米。



My room is not very big, but it is very fortable. There is a picture on the wall. My puter is on the desk. There are lots of beautiful clothes in my wardrobe. On the left of my room, there is a piano and a guitar. The floor is brown. This is my room.我的房间不大,不过它非常舒适。墙壁上有一幅图画。



这是我的房间。不知道行不行 呵呵 不过我尽力了哦 不行的话可以删一点 自己再编一点哦 呵呵。

7. 《介绍一下你的卧室》,英语作文,初一水平50词,急求 1)I have a *** all room of my own. The room is decorated with a lot of posters of teen idols. In front of the window there is a desk and a chair. I spend a lot of time in there on learning. I have a bookshelf in the corner. It’s getting heavier month after month, because I like to buy books, some of them I haven’t even read yet. And last but not least there is my fortable bed in which I have spent more than one third of my lifetime. Anyway, I like my room. I prefer staying in it to going outside.



2)My room is beautiful, there is a large bed, a bookcase. I have a lot of the bookcase. There is room I love the puter. Lovely pigs are in bed. Zhang Jie’s posters hung on the wall.



3)My Room

I have my own room. It is big and nice. There is a bed, a desk and a shelf. The doll is on the bad. The lamp is on the desk. The books are on the shelf. The trash bin is behind the door. The clothes are in the closet. There is a air-conditioner over the closet. Look! There are many pictures on the wall. I love my room very much.




8. 写一篇英语短文:介绍一下你的房间 Look , I have a nice room . Come and have a look . It’s *** all and nice . There is a big bed , a *** all desk , a shelf and a closet . The bed is near the desk . There is a shelf near the closet too . Many good books are in the shelf . I like the books very much . Oh , yes , There is a big board on the wall . I often write and draw pictures on the board .Oh , My bedroom is too beautiful . I like it very much . Do you like my bedroom? Can you tell me about your beroom , please ? 看,我有一个舒适的房间,过来看一看,它小而漂亮,那有一张大床,一张小桌,一个书架和衣柜,床在桌子旁边,书架也在衣柜旁边,很多好的书都在书架上,我非常喜欢书,哦,是的,那有一个大的黑板在墙上,我经常写和画一些图片在黑板上.哦,我的卧室是太学漂亮了,我非常喜欢它,你喜欢我的卧室吗,请你有告诉我你的卧室吗?。

9. 谁帮我写一篇英语作文,介绍自己的卧室,55词谢学霸 My bedroom has cream color ,as you entering my room , you can discover the kingsize bed in the centre. There is a garderobe beside my bed. The nuted colored desk with a PC on it is in the corner.Bookcase is opposite to the desk. i am fascinate with basketball, so i put it on my bed! i feel safe and secure here。

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